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Partial Hospitalization Program

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What is PHP at Rebuilt?

Partial Hospitalization (PHP) at Rebuilt Treatment and Recovery offers a structured yet flexible treatment option for those dealing with substance use disorders. We believe that there is a key component missing in the transition of care often from an inpatient to outpatient setting during an individual’s return to everyday life. Our PHP program bridges that gap to ensure our clients transition through every level of care needed, while supporting and being taught tools promoting lasting Recovery.

Specific Benefits To Our PHP Program

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Structured Support

PHP provides a structured environment where individuals can receive intensive therapy 6 hours per day during the week, while still having the flexibility to return home to sober living or safe home environments following Therapy. Our PHP program is a very effective alternative to inpatient for those individuals who may not qualify or who would be best suited to programming that does not require 24-hour supervision.

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Individualized Treatment Plans

Rebuilt Treatment and Recovery offers individualized treatment plans for every client entering the PHP program. Our treatment plans are tailored to each specific need and are addressed by experienced case management and clinical staff.

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Skill Development

Part of the Rebuilt PHP program consists of teaching coping skills, stress management techniques, and relapse prevention so that our clients will feel comfortable and confident in their Recovery following treatment. We believe in rebuilding the entire individual using evidence-based practices and person-centered treatment.

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Rebuilt Treatment and Recovery provides transportation and 24/7 housing to qualified individuals enrolled in PHP services. Our Sober Living will be provided for those that do not have a stable and safe home environment to return to after Rebuilt programming hours. We understand that an individual needs a stable place to live while receiving services or the treatment being provided may mean very little to someone’s recovery and well-being.

How do I start the treatment process?

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Life Skills

One of the many ways RTR will help clients with life skills is by teaching them how to communicate effectively and learning how to deal with thoughts and emotions in a healthy and beneficial way.

Process Group

Being a part of a process group at RTR allows feedback, perspective, and accountability from peers and helps challenge one another on negative beliefs and behaviors, while providing support and encouragement to make positive changes.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention is a crucial aspect of addiction treatment focusing on identifying triggers, developing coping strategies, and creating a supportive environment to minimize the risk of relapse.